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How to De-badge Your Car

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Debadged car

Debadged Subaru
Photo: Chris Arella via Flickr

Removing the badges and emblems from cars is a simple and cheap way to clean up the look of your car. Like every modification, however, it must be done properly to achieve the best results. Follow these tips to remove those badges!

Heat up the badge

Before you get started, wash the areas you’re going to work on with soap and water. Then, using a heat gun or hair dryer, apply heat to the badge. Take care not to heat it up too much, as you could damage your paint. You’re just trying to warm up the adhesive on the badge to make it easier to cut.

Apply Adhesive Remover

Once you’ve heated up the badge, apply some adhesive remover directly to the badge. This will further soften up the tape on the back of the badge to make removing it even easier and to reduce the chances of damaging the paint.

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Use Floss to Cut the Adhesive

Get some dental floss out of your medicine cabinet and get it started behind the badge by slowly moving the floss up and down in a cutting motion. Once it’s started, pull the floss towards yourself and away from the paint on the car. Apply as much adhesive remover as necessary if the badge is putting up a fight.

Clean Up

Once you’ve removed the badge, you’re probably left with a bunch of old tape on your car. Carefully try to peel it off with your fingernail. If it’s still stuck, apply more heat and adhesive remover to help it along. Once the adhesive is removed, wash the area one more time. You can even apply some buffing compound to a microfiber cloth to polish the area.

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