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How to Get Those Pesky Carpet Stains Out of Your Car

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car carpet stainsIt happens to the best of us; that’s the first thing you need to tell yourself.  You took the handoff of your bag o’food from the drive-thru successfully, and everything is going swimmingly until the drink.  You can see it in slow motion as it happens: that 76 ounce Styrofoam Big Gulp, lid not quite on all the way, fingers slipping, the liquid staying miraculously in place until the cup smashes into the floor, and all of that glorious orange Fanta is already beginning to stain the carpet.  What can you do to get those car carpet stains up?  We’ve got just the tips for you!

Common store-bought carpet cleaners will generally do the trick with most stains, but there are homebrews that will cost less money and cause less headache (because there’s nothing quite like inhaling a plume of carpet cleaner scent on a scorching hot afternoon).  Here are a few of the most unique and effective tips we came across:

Coffee spills are among the worst because 1) nobody likes to waste perfectly good coffee and 2) nobody likes to waste perfectly good layers of skin burned off by spilling coffee all over their laps.  As such, Road & Travel Magazine suggests immediately diluting your coffee spill with cold water and blotting the spot of the spill with paper towels or clean rags.  If the spot doesn’t come away completely, glass cleaner is the surprising answer to your coffee-stain problem.

Additional remedies for cola and coffee car carpet stains, recommended by the folks at Reader’s Digest, include baby wipes, Borax, and beer (but only if you’re over twenty-one and the car is at your home).  Furthermore, RD recommends a confection of milk and cornstarch in case of ink stains and a salt and rubbing alcohol mixture to remove greasier stains that might occur when your fast food bag splits open.

Finally, with winter around the corner and icy roads ahead, WikiHow suggests mixing a solution of ½ warm water and ½ white vinegar in a spray bottle and spraying it on areas that are affected by white stains from road salt.  With these tips, you can keep your car’s carpet looking newer for longer…and nobody will ever have to know about what a silly klutz you are.

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