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How to Get Your Car Out of the Mud

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What mud? I don’t see any mud.
Photo: Joost J. Bakker via CC

Getting your vehicle stuck in the mud can be frustrating. Knowing the right way to free your car can help make this situation a bit less stressful. Here are the four steps you should follow if your vehicle gets grounded in the soggy earth.

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Get a grip

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Use a car mat to give a stuck tire some extra traction so you can free your vehicle from the mud
Photo: The News Wheel

Keep some household supplies — like kitty litter, rock salt, or sand — packed in your car’s trunk. Sprinkle this substance over and around the stuck tires to give your vehicle a rougher surface and better traction.

Another suggestion is to put your car mat to good use. Place the edge of the mat under the stuck tire and the rest of the mat in front of the tire. A blanket, trunk liner, or carpet scrap can serve the same purpose.

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Drive out slowly

Avoid accelerating too fast when trying to drive out of the mud. Instead, gently press your foot to the pedal and spin the wheels slowly to enhance what little traction the tires have.

Use another vehicle

Depending on how heavy your vehicle is and how firmly entrenched it is, you might need to ask a friend or neighbor for help. If you’re using another vehicle to help pull your car out, make sure to use a recovery strap firmly attached to secure parts on each vehicle.

When all else fails…

tow truck
Tow trucks can be a lifesaver if you need more heavy-duty help extricating your car out of the mud
Photo: Pxhere via CC

If the previous steps fail to free your car, then it’s time to enlist the help of the professionals. Call for a tow or make use of your dealership’s roadside assistance service if your vehicle came with this provision.

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