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How to Keep Babies Calm and Entertained in the Car 

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baby girl in car seat
You might think that there’s nothing much to celebrate on the second day of May but you’d be wrong. May 2 is known as Baby Day! Whether you have a tiny human of your own or have a few in your acquaintance, it’s definitely a fun holiday to give a head-nod to.

We’d also like to take this occasion to review some practical ways you can help keep a baby pacified and entertained during a car ride. It’ll help you stay safer and — a bit saner — the next time you take your or a friend’s baby for a drive.

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happy baby in car seat with hatMake sure the baby is comfortable

Car interiors can be stuffy, especially in warm weather. Babies are especially vulnerable to extreme temperatures. Make sure to adjust the AC on hot days when you’re driving with a baby. It’s also a good idea to bring along a blanket, so they can stay warm when it’s cold out or the AC is cranking.

Strategic trip times

If you can, schedule the road-trip during the baby’s nap time, or at night. The hum and vibrations of the vehicle will easily put most babies to sleep — making the journey quieter for you and other passengers.

Bring toys

One of the easiest ways to keep a baby passenger happy is to attach toys to their car seat. Books, finger puppets, and stuffed animals are also good items to pack.

baby in car seat with mother baby namesPack snacks

Who doesn’t appreciate some snacks on a road trip? Pre-packing age-appropriate snacks for the baby you’re traveling with can go a long way to keep them happy and quiet en route to your destination.

Use a mirror

If the child is young enough to be in a rear-facing car seat, installing a mirror on the front of their car seat is an easy way for them to catch a glimpse of your face. It’s also a sneaky way to keep an eye on them, to make sure they’re having a safe and pleasant ride.

Sit next to the baby

If you’re not the designated driver, sit next to the baby to help keep them entertained and give them snacks when needed. If you’re carpooling with friends and you’re the one behind the wheel, ask one of the friends to sit next to the baby during the trip. Sometimes the physical closeness of another person is all a baby needs to feel safe and calm on a drive.

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