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How to Stay Healthy When Driving Long Distances

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Road trips can be fun. All the sightseeing and getting to know new places and meeting new people. They can, however, throw your body off balance if you drive for very long distances without resting. This is also the case for commercial truck and bus drivers. While road trips are designed for fun, commercial driving is a much more serious endeavor.

You really have much less of a choice if driving is a part of your livelihood. But you can take certain measures to ensure that you stay healthy no matter how far you drive. Remember that your back will be the most affected due to long hours of sitting.

Carry some healthy snacks

When driving for a long time, you will have limited time and options to find good food. Instead of getting unhealthy snacks from drive-thrus, stock your car with some healthy fruits and drinks. Blend some juice and have it in a small cooler in your car. You won’t have to worry about getting hungry since you can stop and eat at any time. Travel expert and blogger Gretchen Breuner advise you to carry almonds and carrots to help you stay alert. You also need to carry a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Take regular breaks

Taking regular breaks while driving long distances should be standard practice. Like any other activity that involves using a lot of energy, you need to take time to rest when on a long journey. You can drive for two hours, then take a 30-40 minute break to stretch and get some fresh air. Your muscles get to relax and you acquire more energy for the next leg of your journey. These breaks are especially good for your back and neck to relieve the strain of sitting continuously for very many hours, according to back pain blog Free Your Spine.

Set up your car seat and adjust your controls

Right before you switch on your car’s ignition, make sure your car seat is comfortable and your car’s controls are all working and properly set. Make sure you don’t have to strain and have perfect vision at all angles. Your back should be well rested, not pulled back to far or pushed forward awkwardly. Your feet should also be perfectly placed where they can support your body and enable you to use the controls without straining. Check the mirrors and ensure you can use them by just moving your eyes instead of your entire body.

Have some good music

Health entails both mind and body. As you are striving to keep your body healthy and fit, do not forget to stimulate your mind. Long distance driving can be extremely boring, especially if you are all alone. Keep your mind alert with some good music. It keeps you from dozing off behind the wheel. If you are in the company of other travelers, music makes the trip more enjoyable.

You need time to sleep

Truck drivers can go for several days before arriving at their destinations. Most of their lives are actually spent on the road. If your career entails this, you should know the importance of taking time to sleep. Sleeping is not just about catching a nap on the side of the road. It is finding an inn or motel and taking a room with a comfortable bed where you can sleep then wake up to a refreshing shower. Try and sleep at least six to eight hours in every 24. Sleeping comfortably helps rejuvenate your body, spirit, and mind. Taking intermittent naps is actually unhealthy since it confuses your body’s nervous system. You actually get a mental drain and lose more focus from taking such naps.

These are just a few tips that you can utilize to keep yourself healthy when driving long distances. It is better to arrive a little bit late than not to arrive at all, and your health is far more important than your job or that road trip. So, take care of yourself.

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