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How to Make a Command Center in Your Car

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2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Spring cleaning your car can be more than just getting the winter gunk (salt) off the exterior and getting the trash (and clutter) out of the interior. (Although those are worthy (and necessary) endeavors for keeping your car running well and looking good). Spring cleaning your car can be the excuse you need to get organized.

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“Use your console to create a ‘Central Command Center’ for your car. Include the things you use or need to access each day like a notepad, pen, sticky pad (which are great for reminders that you stick to your steering wheel so you don’t forget something important at the end of the day), change (use one of the small plastic containers with a lid), tissues, and hand sanitizer,” advises The Spruce Writer Sue Kay.

She suggests using additional plastic containers with lids to harness paperclips, rubber bands, or ponytail holders.

If your console space is small, Good Housekeeping Writer Lauren Piro suggests using different-sized zippered pouches to harness paperwork and travel-sized toiletries.

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If you car’s command center needs to take on business responsibilities, Kay says you have two options to make it work.

“You could put your briefcase next to you in the front seat. Make sure you have it organized so that you can easily access to-do lists, call lists, paper and pens,” writes Kay. “Or if you need storage capacity in addition to your briefcase, use a portable filing bin that accommodates hanging files for things such as additional client files, marketing pieces and product literature.”

News Source: The Spruce, Good Housekeeping