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How to Make an Insurance Claim After an Accident

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How to Make an Insurance Claim

How to Make an Insurance Claim Photo: chris yarzab

How to Make an Insurance Claim

Sometimes knowing what to do if you are in an accident can seem overwhelming, and dealing with the insurance claim might seem just as stressful as the accident itself. Follow these simple steps to file your insurance claim, and you’ll find it’s easier than you may have thought.

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Initiate the car insurance claim. Today, many insurers offer an online form to submit your claim, although if you feel more comfortable calling and speaking with a representative, you can do that too. Whether you call or go online, make sure you get the process started promptly after the accident.

Provide necessary information. Although all insurance companies require different information, be prepared to answer the following standard questions:

  • Policy number.
  • Date of the accident.
  • Location of the accident.
  • Description of how the accident occurred.
  • Name, address, license plate, and insurance information for the other party involved.
  • Name of the police department involved (if applicable).
  • Police report number (if applicable).

Follow your insurance company’s directive. Each insurance company’s process may vary, but likely your insurance adjuster will want to evaluate the damage, sending you to an approved body shop for an estimate and to have the work done. Usually, if the body shop is approved by your insurance company, the body shop will bill your insurance directly. If not, you’ll submit your receipt to your insurance for reimbursement.

In some cases, you may get a call from the other involved party’s insurance company to get your version of the story or verify your information.

If you are confused or have questions for your insurance provider, be sure to speak up. You pay them to take care of you in these moments, so make sure they are holding up their end of the deal. They should be more than willing to walk you through the process and answer all of your questions.

Here is John Fitzsimons, personal finance writer at to explain the ins-and-outs of filing an insurance claim:

Visit for more information on what to do if you’re in an accident and filing an insurance claim.

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