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How to Make Kids Fall in Love with a Fall Road Trip

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Ready to take in the changing leaves, temperate temps and the freedom of the open road? Ready to do that with your kids? If you’re brave enough for a fall road trip with pint-sized travel companions, here are a few tips that will ensure that you be prepared on the road.

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Before you head out, make sure your kids’ car seats are properly secured, and that they’re holding up well. If you notice wear and tear, damage or poor condition, promptly replace them.

Now turn your attention to your vehicle. Is it due for service? Are the tires properly inflated and free from damage? Is your emergency kit fully stocked with essentials? Now would be a good time to add more snacks, water and first aid items.

Even if your kids enjoy being in the car, any extra, unnecessary time caused by getting lost can send you and your passengers into a state of panic and emotional distress. To avoid road trip meltdowns (yours and theirs) map out your route before you go and factor in spots to stop for food, fuel, and fun.

“Your route may include an unusual attraction, a stop at a fall fair, or an overnight stay at a kid-friendly hotel. You’ll want to leave some wiggle room for the unexpected, of course, but having a detailed plan ahead of time will help keep stress to a minimum when you’re on the road,” according to the road trip experts at Canadian Family.

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Staring out the window and daydreaming won’t keep your kids occupied for the duration of the trip. Pack games, activities, and even presents to keep your little ones happy on the road. You can also expand screen time limits so you have longer stretches of quiet time during your journey.

News Source: Canadian Family