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How to Make Your Puppy’s First Car Ride Anxiety-Free

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Taking your puppy home for the first time is a moment you’ll never forget. And although your heart is bursting with joy, your new puppy’s heart might be beating with anxiety, which can make for a stressful drive for both of you.

It’s important to be sensitive to your new puppy’s needs; you’ve probably been counting down the days until you could take him home, but your new pup had no idea he was going to have to leave his furry family. And meeting new people can cause anyone, human or canine, to freak out a bit.

“In this situation, physical contact with human family members, care and attention, warmth and comfort, will diminish the psychological angst. An unpleasant ride home can affect a pup long term,” writes Dr. Nicholas Dodman on “Remember, the critical period of learning continues until around 14 weeks of age. The last thing you want to do is create a lasting impression that car travel is a horrific experience. That could come back to haunt you.”

Dodman recommends that before you and your pup settle in for the ride home, give your pup a chance to empty his bladder and avoid giving him treats or food to ward off carsickness.

“Have the pup ride in the rear seat of the car on one person’s lap. (Yes, you need two people to make this work). It should be rested on or wrapped in a familiar blanket and have at least one familiar toy to play with,” advises Dodman.

If you’re on your own, transport your pup in a crate and include a toy and blanket, and “whatever you do, don’t allow the pup in the front seat and don’t allow it to perambulate freely,” writes Dodman.

With love, attention, and a crate when necessary, you’ll be able to bring your pup home safely and stress free.

News Source: PetPlace