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How to Pick a Designated Driver

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Designated Driver

How to Pick a Designated Driver Photo: Jes

Assigning a designated driver before heading out for the evening can save the headache of finding and paying for alternate transportation later in the evening, and ensures a safe ride home. While no one may be jumping for joy at the idea of being the evening’s designated driver, the role is an important one, and does have its perks.

How about waking up in the morning feeling great, unlike your passed out friends? Or the free sodas that most bars give out to designated drivers? What about all that cash you’ll save by not buying overpriced alcohol? And the late-night, calorie-filled munchies you’ll skip? See, being a designated driver occasionally isn’t so bad.

But how to select a designated driver isn’t as easy as suggesting the benefits. Sometimes it’s best to set up a rotation among your friends – this way everyone does their part, and it’s always clear whose turn it is to make sure everyone gets home safely and in one piece. Make sure to select your designated driver before anyone starts drinking – whoever is chosen will be more likely to take their role more seriously.

pick a designated driver

Not this guy. Keep Looking.    Photo: Claus Rebler

Let your friends know the facts and dangers of driving drunk. Check out our free infographic on drunk driving.

Try setting the rotation up by birthdays – oldest goes first, then rotate through everyone until you get to the youngest. Another idea is to roll dice, lowest number goes first, and work your way to the highest.

Another option is to choose randomly each time. Choose straws- the short straw is designated driver this time, or roll those dice again. Be sure the same person isn’t always the designated driver by not including the person who drove last time, or the last two times. This works well for groups that aren’t necessarily always the same.

If all else fails, always hire a cab or seek out public transportation. offers drivers who will driver your car, so you don’t have to.

A little creativity goes a long way, and once you have a system down, everyone will know what to expect from the evening. A safe and fun time is sure to follow.