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How to Protect Your Car’s Interior During Winter

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GMC SUV Driving In Snow
With some helpful products, it’s fairly simple to preserve your vehicle’s interior this winter
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Colder weather is right around the corner. Here are some simple tips to help keep your vehicle’s interior clean and in great shape this winter.

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Protect cloth seats

Mud, water, and road salt can wreak havoc on your car’s upholstery. Protect your seats with some water-resistant covers to help shield them from the elements during your cold-weather drives. At the time of writing, you can get this two-pack set from Goodyear is available via Amazon for under $30. You can also use an odor neutralizer on the seat fabric to help keep the cabin smelling fresher. 

Condition leather seats

If your vehicle has leather seats, you’ll need to add one more step to maintaining the interior this winter. Occasionally condition the seats with leather wipes to help them stay hydrated and minimize the chance that they’ll crack when the weather drops below freezing. This 25-pack container from Meguiar’s costs less than $5 on Amazon. 

Shield the floor

Your car’s carpeting can take a heavy hit in winter, as you and other passengers track in slush, road salt, and other debris. Consider getting a set of all-weather floor mats, if your vehicle’s original floor mats aren’t weather-resistant or they’re starting to show signs of wear.  This set of three all-weather mats from Motor Trend gets high ratings on Amazon and costs under $37, at the time of writing. 

Another good idea is to keep a second pair of shoes in the car to change into when the weather is messy and you want to keep the cockpit area drier, as AutoZone suggests. This works better if you’re single and the only one that uses your vehicle instead of if you have a family and are trying to get the whole crew to observe this habit. 

Minimize trash

Reduce the chance of spills and keep the clutter at bay by keeping a small receptacle for trash in your car, as AutoZone recommends. This one from Ryhpez easily fastens to the center console or the back of a seat and comes in standard or large sizes depending on your preference; both cost less than $20 at the time of writing. 

Refresh yourself on when not to leave windshield wipers up this winter. And consider gifting one of these three items to help make a friend’s commute more pleasant during the colder months. 

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