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How to Replace Headlights on Your Car

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So, you’re a do-it-yourselfer, are you? We agree that sometimes there’s just no need to pay someone to do something you can do yourself. Occasionally, you might have a headlight (or two) that goes out, and it’s handy if you know how to fix the problem yourself.

The steps below will walk you through how to replace headlights.

  1. Purchase a replacement bulb. You can either check out your manual or wait until you get the current bulb out, and then head to the hardware store to make sure you get the correct replacement.
  2. Remove the housing. Check your car’s manual for specific instructions – you’ll need to remove the housing as well as the housing screws. Most newer vehicles are designed to only offer access to the bulb from the back of the housing (you’ll need to open the hood).
  3. Turn the socket a quarter turn counterclockwise. This will unlock the socket and allow you to pull the socket and the bulb out of the housing. Examine the housing and socket for corrosion or debris. You may need to clean the socket and housing before continuing.
  4. Replace the bulb. Remove the old bulb from the socket, then, making sure you have cotton gloves or a clean cloth, carefully screw the replacement bulb into the socket. Make sure you don’t touch your skin to the glass bulb, as the natural oils in your hands can cause the bulb to burn out prematurely.
  5. Replace the socket and bulb into the housing. Turn the housing a quarter-turn clockwise to lock it in place.
  6. Make sure it worked! If you still have a dead bulb, you may need to take it to a mechanic to address potential wiring problems or replacement parts.

Now that you know how to replace headlights, take a moment to let us know what other car care tips you would like to see featured on The NewsWheel.