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How to Safely Transport a Musical Instrument

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If you frequently travel with a musical instrument, you’ll want to make sure to avoid leaving it alone in a potentially dangerous place like a parking garage. You’ll also want to follow a few strategies when it comes to placing it in your vehicle and leaving it alone inside your parked car.

Use its case

The most basic level of protection for your instrument is storing it in the case it came with. If you’ve temporarily misplaced your case or are in the process of buying a new one, you can substitute a hard suitcase in place of the case.

Extra padding

If you want to protect you instrument even more during the ride, using soft cloth or bubble wrap can go a long way in protecting your instrument from bumps and scratches.

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Unwind a bit

If you have a stringed instrument, loosen the strings before transportation to help prevent them from breaking during your road trip.

Location in your car

Trunks are often the most secure location for your instrument, especially if you need to leave it alone in your parked car for any length of time. If you do choose to place it in your car’s cabin, however, try hiding the instrument’s case with blankets or clothes to disguise the object from any thieves who might be in the area looking for their next pricey instrument to nab.

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Whichever mode of transportation you choose, have a safe and fun trip with your musical instrument(s) on your next road trip.

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