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How to Shield Your Car’s Interior from Sand and Sun

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The feeling of sand beneath feet is only a good feeling when said feet are on the beach. When the sand is crunching on car floors and migrating into every crevice of a vehicle’s interior, the feeling morphs into ickyness, frustration, and ugh. Sand is like glitter; it gets everywhere and never really seems to disappear.

And, sand is just one of summer’s forces drivers have to fight in the name of a clean, protected vehicle interior; high temperatures make the interior a scorching den of pain plus the intense heat works to destroy interior materials while baking in any crumbs, messes, spills or rogue crayons into upholstery.

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Summer is a season to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to protecting the interior of your car. But, with a few choice accessories and attention to cleaning details, your car’s interior should sail effortlessly through summer.

One way to trap every last grain of sand is to invest in a set of all-weather floor mats, according to the experts at who also note the mats are a summer’s breeze to clean.

And to prevent vinyl from cracking, which it will do over time and when overexposed to sun, and interior materials from losing their original vibrancy, the experts at recommend using a sunshade in the windshield when your car is sunning itself. Yes, sunshades can be cumbersome, and really, it’s one more thing you have to do, but it’s worth it in terms of protecting your car’s interior and ultimately a major financial investment.

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Another way to protect your car’s interior or cover up damage already done is with rear deck covers, according to writer Timothy Zahl; the rear deck cover fits over the sun-faded or sun-bleached “horizontal shelf that sits between the rear window and the edge of the rear seat back cushion.” Granted, this area is often overlooked, but once you notice it, you’ll want to either cover it up or protect it from further damage.

Investing in a dash cover can protect your dash from the sun’s burning hot love, and “this sun protection means a decrease in ‘fogging’ of your inner windshield from the plastic degassing. You may also find a reduction in glare, something that becomes critically important when driving in strong sunlight. There can even be a drop in vehicle interior temperature as a result of the dash cover’s use,” reports writer Michael Grayen.

If you have leather seats, the experts at State Farm recommend using a leather conditioner regularly; seat covers are a great way to keep seats cool in the summer while protecting the upholstery or leather.

Of course, regularly cleaning your car, inside and out, will help your vehicle retain its youthful glow, in and out of the sun.

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