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How to Steer Clear of Germs on a Holiday Road Trip

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If you’re headed over the river and through the woods to get to grandma’s or Aunt Sally’s or Brother Tim’s house this holiday season, you’re probably hoping to keep germs at bay, especially since you’ll be sharing close quarters with your loved ones on the road and during holiday festivities. But, keeping germs from invading your crew may prove difficult, as your road trip is literally overflowing with them, starting in your car.

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“A study done by an Expedia car rental company found steering wheels to be four times more germy than a public toilet seat, and six times more germ-infested than your cell phone (which we tend to carry into the bathroom). Cup holders came next, followed by seat belts, the inside door handle, gear shift and audio volume knob,” according to CNN reporter Sandee LaMotte.

It’s a good idea to use sanitizing wipes to clean the inside of your car, including the floor mats before you leave and during your trip. To cut down on airborne particles, make sure your car’s air filter is regularly changed, and your upholstery is vacuumed.

“And don’t forget to clean your keys,” LaMotte adds.

If your journey is long, you’ll probably need to make several detours for rest stops, restaurants, and fuel, locations all teaming with bacteria. Gas pumps, restaurant menus and restaurant tables aren’t disinfected nearly as much as you think or hope they’d be. Then there’s the convenient yet germ-infested self-checkout stations.

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There’s no denying that your road trip will be grimy, but with a healthy stock of disinfectant wipes, you might avoid or at least minimize your exposure.