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How to Successfully Work From Your Car

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laptop in car working in the car
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Many people are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. But some people are working from their cars to circumvent the challenge of spotty cell phone reception and gain inspiration from a change of scenery. Here’s how to work from your car if you need to during this time.

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Leverage the vehicle’s sound system

Use your car’s Bluetooth to minimize ambient noise on your business calls
Photo: 200 Degrees via Pixabay

Connect to your vehicle’s Bluetooth, says CNN’s Kathryn Vasel. Most Bluetooth systems automatically filter out background noise so that the person on the other end hears just your voice on the call.

Maximize space and move around

When sitting in the driver’s seat, push the seat back all the way and raise the steering wheel to the highest position to give yourself sufficient room to work. When you’re feeling cramped from sitting too long, move to the back seats and use the center console as a desk.

If you have a truck or SUV, use the truck bed or open the liftgate to the cargo area. Use this surface as a makeshift standing desk.

Monitor the cabin temperature

Car Air Conditioning Vents
AC is a godsend when you’re working from your vehicle in the summer
Photo: Kaboompics

Temperature control is important when you’re using your vehicle as a portable office. In warmer weather, use fabric or blinds to cover the windows. Rely on your car’s air conditioning or open windows when you need to help keep the cabin at a comfortable temperature. In cooler weather, invest in some seat heaters and a plug-in coffee thermos to help you keep cozy in your car.

Invest in a solid internet connection

One of the easiest ways to ensure connectivity while you work is to invest in a premium phone plan that has unlimited data. Simply tap into your phone’s Wi-Fi when you’re using a laptop.

Other helpful accessories

If you lack a center console or simply prefer to have your device on your lap while you work, purchase a lap desk. This item will help keep your legs and your laptop cooler and improve ergonomics to reduce muscle soreness.

You can also buy a signal booster you can attach to your vehicle’s roof to enhance your smartphone’s reception. A power inverter is another useful accessory to invest in, to keep your laptop fully-powered when you’re being productive.

Keep it clean

Like with conventional office space, it’s important to keep your mobile office tidy. Regularly remove any trash and unnecessary items from the vehicle’s cabin so you can keep your workspace uncluttered and stay more focused while you work. And sanitize the cabin to keep it free from germs.

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