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New Hummer EV Appeals to Millennials More Than Boomers

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GMC Hummer Piplsay
The Hummer EV ad campaign
Photo: GMC

After GMC introduced its new Hummer EV in a Super Bowl advertisement, Piplsay conducted a survey about the success of the advertisement and the potential success of the new truck. One interesting finding from the survey was that millennials seem to be the most attracted to the Hummer EV.

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Results of the Piplsay survey

Piplsay surveyed 20,264 Americans aged 18 years old and up. The market research firm asked those surveyed if they had viewed the Hummer EV advertisement featuring LeBron James, and 51 percent reported seeing the TV spot during the Super Bowl.

Of those who had viewed the advertisement, 49 percent said they were “excited” for the new Hummer EV, while 36 percent didn’t care about the Hummer EV at the time. The people in the survey that showed the most excitement for the truck were millennials.

Of the millennials that saw the TV spot, 62 percent were excited about the Hummer EV, while 54 percent of baby boomers that saw the TV spot were excited. Many millennials utilize ride-sharing apps and seem to be losing some interest in driving, which is why it’s intriguing that the most enthusiastic generation surveyed is the millennial generation.

In regards to the ad campaign, 17 percent of those surveyed either expressed that it was “awesome” or “good,” outweighing the 3 percent that thought it was “not great.” The commercial kept much of the Hummer EV hidden, but it did announce that the truck’s powerful powertrain reaches 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque.

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The GMC Hummer EV is set to be revealed on May 20, 2020. Only time will tell if millennials’ initial excitement will lead to them purchasing more trucks than other generations.