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HyperloopTT Initiates Feasibility Study for Route from Cleveland to Chicago

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Many people love to travel, but few people appreciate the roadside delays often involved with navigating from one city to another. If you wish you had a faster way to get from Cleveland to Chicago, it looks like your wish might soon become a reality.

HyperloopTT has just signed agreements with the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA). The latter is collaborating with the Illinois’ Department of Transportation (IDOT) to launch a feasibility study for installing a Hyperloop route from Cleveland to Chicago.


Although HyperlinkTT has some legal barriers to work through, Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of the company, voiced excitement for the project. “Regulations are the ultimate barrier for Hyperloop implementation, and we are excited to build the first real public-private partnership to bring Hyperloop travel to the US.”

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But why choose Cleveland and Chicago as the two end points to this high-tech transportation route? According to Andrea La Mendola, chief global operations officer of HyperlinkTT, it’s because of the resources and manpower of  these two Midwestern industrial hubs. “We came here because places like Cleveland, Chicago and Pittsburgh have the manufacturing, the raw materials and the talented, hard working people in order to make it happen. We can source everything from this area. This is a place where you make big things.”

The new hyperloop would make it possible to travel from Cleveland to Chicago in just 28 minutes. That’s good news for any northern Ohio residents who frequently travel to and from the Windy City, whether on business or pleasure.

More details are expected to surface after project collaborators meet in Cleveland on February 26th, at the Great Lakes Science Center. We anticipate more news in the days to come, as HyperlinkTT makes headway on this initiative.

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News Source: HyperloopTT, WOSU Radio