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Hyundai Honors Olympic Coaches with Stirring Video Tribute

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Hyundai Coaches Olympic athletes 2018 commercial ad video

In anticipation of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games, which are taking place in South Korea, native automaker Hyundai has already begun its brand recognition campaign. As a sponsor of the upcoming Olympic Games in February, Hyundai Motor Co.’s presence will be throughout the events, including on viewers’ televisions.

Hyundai has created a new video that pays tribute to the many dedicated coaches supporting the Olympic athletes that will be competing. You can watch the footage below.

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VIDEO: Hyundai Pays Tribute to Unsung Coaches

The video shows a selection of coaches who are working hard with their trainees to prepare for the Olympic games. In each instance, the coach is pushing the athlete harder and harder. When the training ends and the competitions begin, the coaches may be on the sidelines, but their hearts are as invested as their athletes’. Regardless of the outcomes, the coaches head right back to the training grounds with their athletes.

The video is being heavily promoted via advertising on YouTube, garnering over 2 million views globally in two weeks. The footage, while not overtly promoting Hyundai, is building a correlation in viewers’ minds between Hyundai and the strength of unfailing support that the brand wants to be known for. Regardless that it’s an advertisement, Hyundai’s video is still a moving tribute to the unsung work of coaches around the world, both Olympic-scale and hometown.

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