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Hyundai, Motional Transform Ioniq 5 into Electric Robotaxi

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Front side view of Hyundai Ioniq 5 robotaxi
Photo: Hyundai

Although customers who buy the new Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV will need to do their own driving, another version of this vehicle will soon be launched as a fully self-driving robotaxi.

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Hyundai Motor Group and Motional have partnered to turn the Ioniq 5 into an SAE Level 4 autonomous taxi. This vehicle smoothly integrates Hyundai’s advanced Electric Global Modular Platform with Motional’s driverless technology. The result: a production-ready model that will soon hit streets around the world.

“This deep collaboration enables us to manufacture a robotaxi that’s both highly safe and reliable, and is cost-optimized for global production,” said Karl Iagnemma, Motional’s president and CEO. “We’re focused on mass commercialization, and the Ioniq 5 robotaxi is built for that purpose.”

The Ioniq 5 robotaxi is equipped with over 30 camera, radar, and lidar sensors to help it safely detect obstacles, stay on course, and navigate traffic. It also incorporates safety redundancies across the board to prevent steering, braking, power, or navigation failures. If the robotaxi encounters an unusual situation or an emergency, it connects to a remote operator who can assess the situation and re-route the vehicle.

Interior of Hyundai Ioniq 5 robotaxi
Photo: Hyundai

With no need for a driver, there’s plenty of comfortable and customizable space inside the robotaxi. High-tech yet intuitive interfaces make it simple for passengers to interact with the vehicle and get where they need to go.

Underpinning all this is Hyundai’s advanced EV platform. It’s not clear what the Ioniq 5 robotaxi’s range and charging specs will be. However, they’re likely to be at least similar to the regular version. The Ioniq 5 that will arrive at dealerships soon can gain 60 miles of range in 5 minutes on a fast charger. It can also charge from 10 percent to 80 percent in under 20 minutes. In addition, it boasts up to 300 miles of driving range.

Hyundai and Motional will team up with Lyft to connect ride hailers to the Ioniq 5 robotaxi, and the vehicle should be ready to start transporting passengers sometime in 2023.