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Hyundai SUV Sales Reach an All-Time High for March with a Decrease in the Brand’s Overall Sales

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2018 Hyundai Tucson

March sales have officially been announced, and Hyundai is following the industry’s lead with an increase in SUV sales. Hyundai saw an overall year-over-year decrease of 11% when compared to March of last year. To round out the month, the brand sold 61,540 Hyundai and Genesis vehicles. SUV sales accounted for 43% of all Hyundai’s sales.

“March was a balanced attack with Hyundai SUV sales representing 43 percent of total volume and Sonata gaining retail market share,” said John Angevine, Hyundai’s director of national sales. “We continue to focus on right sizing our business with emphasis on Hyundai core products and our SUV performance combined with Sonata’s retail gains is demonstrating that.”

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Hyundai and Genesis are both lagging behind in their year-to-date sales. This time last year, Hyundai had sold 163,637 units, compared to 144,515 units so far this year. Genesis is at a smaller scale, with 5,155 units sold at this time last year and 4,362 so far in 2018.

The automotive industry as a whole is seeing a large increase in SUV sales, thanks to a strong demand for family-friendly vehicles, and Hyundai is no exception to the trend. The new Hyundai Kona started off its legacy well, selling 2,360 units last month, bringing the 2018-to-date total up to 2,559 units. The Santa Fe and Tucson had strong numbers as well with 11,401 units and 11,806 units sold, respectively. The Tucson saw a 31.4% year-over-year increase compared to March 2017, while the Santa Fe saw a slight decrease of 45 units.

Genesis saw a 21% decrease in overall sales in March with a total of 1,386 vehicles sold. The G80 brought in 1,049 sales — compared to 1,347 units last year — and the G90 sold 337 units compared to 408 in March 2017.

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