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Idiot in Q50 Risks Lives for Self-Driving Stunt

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Idiot in Q50 Risks Lives for Self-Driving Stunt

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

This seems to be a commonly-held fact that we don’t even need to enumerate, but what the hell, it’s always worth pointing out: there are a lot of really, really dumb people on this planet. If you would like to kick off your week with an almost staggering level of human stupidity, you need only watch the following video, shot by a couple of idiots, where they put their lives and the lives of everyone on a stretch of highway at risk in order to prove that Active Lane Control essentially makes the Q50 a self-driving car.


Thankfully, the result we get in the video is not one of smoke-filled carnage. Instead, almost miraculously, the Q50’s Active Lane Control holds up and keeps things in between the lines. Truly, it’s a pretty amazing technology.

Less amazing, however, is the aforementioned idiots’ insistence that the driver leave the driver’s seat altogether and sit in the passenger seat as the Q50 continues to pilot itself. While we’d never wish violence on anyone, it’d only be fair if these two chuckleheads got wherever they were going and stepped outside of the car only for a piano to be dropped on them and smash them flat into the sidewalk (you know, like a cartoon, with piano key teeth and all).


We’re onboard with Jalopnik’s Damon Lavrinc, who suggests that Infiniti find a way to tether Active Lane Control to the seatbelt and airbag sensor in order to ensure that nobody else tries this idiotic stunt, adding: “[C]onsidering we’re on the precipice of a massive legal debate about the safety and liability of self-driving systems, this is the kind of idiotic stunt scaremongering legislators would love to trot out.”

Of course, despite the fact that, as we noted, there are a lot of really, really dumb people on the planet, we would hope that even they would be smarter than this.