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In a Fight, Forklift Beats Machete Every Time

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There’s angry, and then there’s machete/fork lift fight angry.

forklift vs machete

Forklift Image: Mike Mozart, Machete Image: Marcelo Braga

According to an Iowa City police complaint, on September 4th police responded to reports of a man threatening a man with a machete.

When police arrived, the machete man had disappeared, but a witness and the alleged victim—a construction worker—were able to tell police what happened. Apparently, as the construction worker was operating a fork lift, a man driving by became angry about construction equipment in the roadway. The man was 44-year-old Jeremy J. Mulvaney, and he had a machete.

coconut seller with machete

And odds are that he wasn’t a coconut vendor
Picture: Adam Jones

Mulvaney started to argue with the construction worker—the police complaint called it a “verbal altercation,” so we imagine that what they were talking about wasn’t their favorite kinds of ice cream.

According to the construction worker, that was when Mulvaney decided to go all Central-American on him. He went to his car, took out the machete, and returned to threaten the construction worker.

Remember how the construction worker was operating a forklift?


You know, the cart with huge metal blade-like things on the front?
Photo: Mike Mozart

Apparently, then the construction worker decided that a two-foot metal blade wasn’t going to beat a few hundred pounds of hydraulic machinery, so he charged the forklift at Mulvaney.

Mulvaney backed off, and when a witness said that police were on their way, Mulvaney got back in his car and left. Police were able to reach him by phone, where he admitted to participating in the altercation, but refused to meet with officers. He was arrested within a week and charged with one count of going armed with intent, which is punishable by up to five years in prison.

News Source: KCRG