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Volvo In-Car Air Quality – A Breath of Fresh Air

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Volvo In-Car Air Quality

Volvo’s focus on In-Car Quality Air has caused them to partner with Blueair, enabling them to offer Volvo drivers clean, fresh air in their cars no matter what the air is like outside.

Volvo is known for their focus on safety, but doesn’t stop at child safety, airbags, seatbelts, or crash tests. Volvo Cars has dedicated two decades to the research and technological invention of clean and healthy in-car air quality.

In the spirit of demonstrating their commitment to clean air, Volvo has partnered with the Swedish clean indoor air technology company, Blueair, to offer attendees of the 2014 Beijing Auto Show a chance to experience clean air. The Volvo Cars lounge will be equipped with fourBlueair 503 units, and Volvo’s office facilities at the stand will have 10 Blueair Sense units.

In a large city like Beijing, air quality is a major concern, and pollution continues to be on the rise as families spend increasing amounts of time in traffic. The lounge at the Beijing Auto Show will allow drivers to experience first-hand how the Blueair air purifiers clean the air of odors, airborne dust, smoke particles, and other invisible pollutants.

“Our commitment to safety goes well beyond safety belts and air bags. At Volvo, safety includes making sure that every minute you and your family spend in a Volvo is as safe as it possibly can be. This includes breathing,” says Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President Research & Development in a recent news release. “Volvo customers can rest assured that their health will remain protected when they drive our cars.”

Whether you live in a small town or a big city, the quality of the air your family breathes should be a priority. Learn more about Volvo’s innovations here.