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In the Rearview: Broody Reedus and Bye Bye Bernie

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Welcome to In the Rearview, where we bring you some of the top automotive news of the past week–again!

This week, we start with a new video series from photographer Patrick Hoelck and sponsored by Ram trucks where Hoelck photographs and interviews celebrities in and adjacent to the Ram Rebel. First up for the series is the very mysterious and broody-looking Norman Reedus, aka Daryl from The Walking Dead.

From there, we transition into auto show news, specifically wondering about those female models that used to be all over new cars at auto shows (and are still brought to some)–first off, where did they come from, and secondly, what should we do now?

The Chicago Auto Show is on the way, and if you have never been before, we have your back to make sure it is an amazing experience. Just follow a little tip or two.

Speaking of little, Bernie Ecclestone is no longer to be the head of Formula 1, instead taking an advisory position as the sport is bought by Liberty Media. While this is the end of a 40-year era, it may very well ensure that there are another 40 years of popularity in store.

Then, in new car news, Mitsubishi may be dusting off the “Eclipse” name from out of the closet to put on its new crossover, teased in a shadowy image ahead of the official reveal in Geneva. Sports car enthusiasts may resent the repurposing of the name of the brand’s discontinued sporty cruiser, but honestly after the whole emissions debacle Mitsubishi is probably just happy to be putting out something for people to buy.

We have our latest product review, of Aporta’s creative tabletop game Automania. It got the coveted five out of five star rating, so I think you can safely assume it would be a boon to any board game night.

In a more political story, President Trump has been meeting with top automotive CEOs, including, surprisingly, Tesla’s Elon Musk. You would think that a meeting between an environmentalist like Musk and our president would end in spitting and fist fights, but it surprisingly ended with a tiny bit of hope.

Finally, speaking of Trump, we have an update on the reveal of the new, Escalade-faced presidential limo, which will be rolling out starting this spring. I’m afraid that I couldn’t resist a golden-colored roof joke above.