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In the Rearview: Past, Present, and Future

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Welcome once again to In the Rearview, where we bring you some of the top stories on The News Wheel from the past week.

This time, we are taking a journey from past, to the present, to the future, starting with a look back at some of the dumbest drivers on the road: red light runners. A video brings us the worst red light runners of 2016–just be ready to have your judgement hats on good and tight.

Then, we look a little farther back for the history of the relationship between American and Italian cars since the 1930s with a book that impressed even our least-history-savvy editor.

And that brings us to the present, where General Motors has apparently decided to spread the wealth of its incredibly smug “Real People Not Actors” campaign to Australia, although renamed “Real People, Real Reactions”–it seems someone learned a lesson from our investigative reporting.

Meanwhile, this upcoming season of Formula 1 seems to be rife with drama, with people quitting (both voluntarily and being forced to do so), people switching teams, and last year’s top team being down by two important personnel.

For the future, we are greeted with the news that Dodge may soon be returning to the NASCAR racetrack, and with a trio of new car reveal teasers, including one for the newest Chevy Traverse, one for a shadowy new Kia, and one for the long-overdue replacement for the Lexus LS sedan.