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In the Rearview: The Volt Is Great but the Ioniq Is Eeeeeeh

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Hello, and welcome once again to In the Rearview, where I somewhat belatedly this time talk about some of the top news on The News Wheel in the past week.

This week, we start with a more important product review than previous reviews of sci-fi movie props in talking about a safety product to keep seat belts off of pregnant women’s abdomens, the Tummy Shield. The name is kinda goofy, but the product itself seems way serious.

Speaking of, it turns out it isn’t even safe to text when you are stopped at  a red light. We just can’t have anything nice, can we?

That brings us to another reason why we can’t have nice things: people who drive like jerks. This week, we discussed what are probably the best ways to deal with them.

Then, there actually were some nice things in the news: the Hyundai Ioniq and Vision G, which won GOOD DESIGN awards. With the Vision G, I totally get it, but the Ioniq? In my opinion, it’s kind of a boring-looking car.

But you know what isn’t boring-looking? Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s faces. Someone put them in cars that were specifically chosen to reflect their characters’ personalities for La La Land.

That brings me to my own personal wonderland, because I got to drive the 2017 Chevrolet Volt. It was blue, it was comfortable, it was electric, and it was awesome.

And for the most astonishing news, I think, Ford said that it’s working on a number of hybrid models, which wouldn’t be that shocking except that one is for the Mustang, and another is for the F-150. That’s pretty surprising to me.

Finally, things have been so maudlin over the past year that I decided to end this In the Rearview on a lighter note, with speculating if classic novels had cars in them. I mean, if we’re honest, Romeo and Juliet probably wouldn’t have killed themselves if Juliet could just hop in her little Kia Rio and pop over to Mantua to visit him in exile.