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Increased Concern About Cybersecurity and Consumer Privacy

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Modern vehicles incorporate many helpful features that inform and entertain us when we’re on the road. GPS, step-by-step navigation, Android Auto, and Apple Carplay are just a few of the plethora of perks included with a car’s infotainment system.

These same apps that make life easier, however, not only increase the risk for cybersecurity hacks, but also increase the likelihood that third parties could get a hold of personal information. It’s common knowledge that internet-connected systems in cars collect personal data: what songs we listen to, where we park our car, how fast we drive, and which restaurants we eat at.  They even keep track of how often we wear a seatbelt.

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Honeywell cyber security software

Honeywell is just one of the companies currently developing cybersecurity software to help protect consumers’ personal info.
Photo: Honeywell Vehicles

Automakers then gather this information to improve performance and safety with their vehicles, as they claim. They also state that they don’t share customers’ personal information to third parties without first consulting the customer (since it’s illegal for them to do so).

Despite manufacturer’s claims of maintaining consumer privacy, legal experts are advocating that more legislation is needed to protect consumers. The need for increased legislation is of utmost importance considering the rising stats for vehicles that include internet connectivity and the surge of consumers who are opting for vehicles with the latest technology.

ABI Research claims that 78 million cars on the road today are connected to the internet. This number should only continue to grow, according to technology research firm Gartner; the organization projects that in just three years, 98% of new cars in the U.S. and Europe will have online connectivity.

Hopefully, major automakers will step up their efforts to protect customer data in the days ahead and the government will help do its part in establishing stricter legislation to help shield consumers from privacy breaches.

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News Source: Daily Mail