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Infiniti Takes on German Snobs for Summer Sales Event

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Infiniti Summer Sales EventWhen you ask anyone on the street what country they associate with luxury performance cars, Germany is probably going to come up a lot. There is definitely a perception that German engineering is the best no matter what, and Infiniti is getting a bit tired of hearing about it. To fight the stereotype, the brand brought the fight to Europe and filmed its “Start Your Own Legacy Summer Sales Event” promos in Germany.

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Director Craig Gillespie, who helmed 2017’s I, Tonya, took the wheel for the new ad campaign that sends Infiniti’s SUV lineup to the famous Bilster Berg automotive proving grounds in Germany. Not only did the Japan-based brand bring SUVs to a track usually dominated by German luxury performance cars, but it put American families behind the wheel and in the passenger seats instead of professional drivers.

The series of commercials follow a fictional German racer named Konrad Gunther who calls the Bilster Berg track home. These non-German vehicles on his proving grounds initially outrage him. Throughout the commercials, Gunther is impressed by the Infiniti’s technology, design, and power, and he ends up behind the wheel asking if the models come in blue.

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Infiniti concludes all four videos from the campaign by saying that nothing about its lineup of SUVs is traditional. We would have to add that nothing about these commercials is really traditional, and it makes the whole campaign that much better for it.