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Innovative AI Technology Senses Drowsy and Distracted Driving

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Whether it’s due to car vibrations or a lack of sleep, drowsy driving is definitely a prevalent safety concern. Distracted driving ranks high on the list of driving hazards, as well. Now, a new underlying technology from AI company Affectiva Inc. promises to help curb both of these dangerous driving behaviors. The company is currently collaborating with automakers and Tier 1 suppliers to build advanced driver monitoring systems that can detect the emotions of drivers by reading their facial expressions.

Earlier this month, Affectiva formed a partnership with Nuance Communications Inc., a speech-recognition technology company with a focus on auto industry application. Both companies are currently working on a built-in car system that can sense the driver’s emotional and mental condition. The system will not only detect the driver’s facial expressions, but it will also engage the driver via dialogue, to help eliminate drowsiness or distracted driving.

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Apparently, the system will be sensitive enough to tweak its verbal suggestions to be as mild or severe as the situation requires. For instance, if it senses the car is lingering at a traffic light, the verbal alert might tell the driver to get a cup of coffee. If the system detects driver drowsiness when the vehicle is traveling on the highway, it will provide the driver with a more urgent command to help them wake up.

Anyone that goes on frequent road trips, or drives long hours for work, can appreciate the increased safety this technology promises. We await more news about Affectiva’s Automotive AI solution.

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News Source: The Boston Globe