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Insane 70-Car Pileup Caused by Fog Caught on Dash Cam

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Fog 70 Car Pileup

Fog caused a 70-car pileup in Slovenia

When the weather outside is frightful, you should probably slow down and take your time out on the road. Even if there’s fog. The lack of visibility alone should be reason enough to slow down.

If only drivers in Slovenia could remember that little tidbit of information.

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Yesterday, dense fog in Slovenia caused a massive 70-car pileup about 42 miles southwest of Ljubljana. At the time, visibility was at about three car lengths, which made driving especially difficult. There’s no say as to how the pileup began, but it was all caught on tape.

VIDEO: Watch the 70-Car Pileup as it Happens

While the dash cam is pointing forward in this video, making it impossible to see when another car is being added to the mound of cars already present, it’s still pretty terrifying. Especially since the only thing you have to warn you of the next crash is the horrified expressions of the people trying to get away from the pileup.

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As the video shows, people were leaving their cars and seeking safety on the steep, wet, and grassy embankment in an attempt to get away from accident as it continued to grow. At the end of the day, 30 people were injured and four killed in the massive accident.

This video alone is enough of a lesson to remind us all—when you can’t see anything, slow the heck down. Seriously.