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Is It Safe to Leave Your Dog in the Truck Bed? (Spoiler: Nope)

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Safety First: Don't Leave Your Dog in the Truck Bed

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Wheaton.

Every year when spring rolls around, the sight of a dog riding in the back of its owner’s pickup truck becomes more and more prevalent. While it might look like the dog is having the time of its life with its ears flopping and nose in the air, leaving your dog in the truck bed while driving is a dangerous thing to do. Not only does in endanger your dog, but it also endangers other motorists.

Safety First: Don't Leave Your Dog in the Truck BedWhen driving, there’s no way to determine whether or not you’ll face a sudden obstacle, causing you to suddenly step on the brakes or swerve. If this happens, your dog can easily be thrown from the truck bed and onto the road. Not only does this increase the chances of either the injury or death of your dog, but it also increases the chance that he will be struck by another vehicle.

He might even cause an accident when a car swerves to avoid hitting him. Putting your dog on a restraint won’t help either; there have been cases where dogs have been strangled or dragged after being thrown from a truck bed.

If you absolutely have to transport your dog in a pickup truck, keep him in the cab with you. If this is unfortunately not an option and he has to ride in the truck bed, make sure you put him in a crate that is secured as well as possible to avoid it moving around the bed or thrown. Just make sure you don’t leave your dog in the truck bed.

For more general safety rules, visit the American Humane Society’s website.