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Jaguar’s Super Bowl Commercial Brits the Spot

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British flag

I am British. According to Jaguar, that means two things:

  1. I am an evil genius
  2. I drive a Jaguar

One of the above statements is true. I won’t tell you which one.

As I sit here drinking my second morning cup of tea—no, really—I realize you might be wondering what on earth I’m talking about. Let me elaborate. Just yesterday, Jaguar released their first-ever Super Bowl commercial, titled “Rendezvous,” featuring the automaker’s new F-Type Coupe. In it, a number of famed (and evil) British actors—including Sir Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong, and Tom Hiddleston—prove just why bad guys in movies are typically portrayed by Brits. According to our protagonists, Brits’ deeply-ingrained evilness stems from the following factors:

  • Evil sounds better when delivered in a British accent
  • Brits are much more focused and precise
  • Brits are always one step ahead
  • We have a certain style and an eye for detail
  • We’re obsessed—OBSESSED—with power
  • Brits have that stiff upper lip, which is required for evilness
  • British people all drive Jags
Jaguar's Super Bowl Commercial

Evil Brits and their Jags


While I will admit that evil villains can be much more believable when they come with built-in British accents, I feel like some of these statements are a tad out-there. Growing up in the U.K., I can tell you that some Brits think it appropriate to go to the store wearing full-on PJs and curlers in their hair. And while the stiff upper lip might hold true for the still-remaining aristocracy, the average Brit prefers to drink lager and shout loudly about football (sorry, soccer), birds (i.e. women), and the awful state of the weather.

But I digress. I actually enjoyed Jaguar’s Super Bowl commercial. I feel like it gives me and my fellow Brits a certain badassness (badarseness?) that I’ll happily play along with. And when faced with a litany of, quite frankly, awful Super Bowl commercials, it’s refreshing to see one that I enjoy.

Watch the commercial below, and comment with your thoughts. British, American, Martian, whichever you are.

One more thing: I drive a Mazda. I’ll leave the assumptions up to you.