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Jay Leno Drives Fan Fighting Cancer in 2020 Corvette

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Jay Leno driving Larry Webb
Jay Leno
Photo: Chris Yarzab

A few weeks ago, a son posted a video on social media, displaying his father, who is battling cancer, get excited about seeing the new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette. After seeing the video, Jay Leno invited the father, Larry Webb, on a drive in the sports car.

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How Jay Leno and Larry Webb came to meet

Larry Webb was diagnosed with cancer at 70 years old, and one of the things he was saddened by was that he’d never have the chance to view the new 2020 Corvette in person. However, his family was able to make his dream come true by contacting GM, which arranged for Larry to view the car.

In an interview with “ABC15 Arizona,” Larry’s son, Colby, said, “My dad will tell you the Corvette, that’s the heart of America, it’s American muscle, Americans want a Corvette.”

Colby then posted a video on social media, which showed his father looking at and even sitting in the sports car. Within just two weeks, the producers of “Jay Leno’s Garage” invited the family to Burbank, California.

The family took a private flight there and were greeted by Jay Leno. Jay then surprised Larry with a drive in a prototype 2020 Corvette. After the drive, Jay gave Larry a tour of his impressive car collection.

Colby said, “I think it will be one of the last things he thinks about.”

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You can watch Larry and Jay’s drive in the new Corvette on a future episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage.”

News Source: GM Authority