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Barra Names Jeffrey Boyer VP of Global Safety, Apologizes for Deaths

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Jeffrey Boyer

Mary Barra named Jeffrey Boyer GM’s new VP of global vehicle safety on Tuesday.

Since the GM recall has all the makings of an alleyway dumpster fire burning out of control—particularly with the news that General Motors will be issuing three new recalls for another 1.5 million vehicles—it makes all the sense in the world the new CEO Mary Barra would want to start taking corrective action as soon as possible (since it took the company a little over a decade to actually do something about the problem that has contributed to the loss of at least a dozen lives). This would explain why, this afternoon, Barra named Jeffrey Boyer the company’s new Vice President for Global Vehicle Safety.

In a video message to employees posted online, Barra admitted that “terrible things happened,” and that the company is now changing its approach to recalls. The appointment of Jeffrey Boyer, 58, to the position of VP of global vehicle safety seems to be a step in that direction.

Jeffrey Boyer

New GM VP of global vehicle safety Jeffrey Boyer

Jeffrey Boyer has been with GM since 1974 and has held a number of positions in the company. Since 2011, he has been the director of engineering operations and systems development; from 2006-11, he was the executive director of global interior engineering and safety performance; and from 2004-06, he was the executive director of advanced purchasing.

“Jeff’s appointment provides direct and ongoing access to GM leadership and the Board of Directors on critical customer safety issues,” said Barra in a press release. “This new role elevates and integrates our safety process under a single leader so we can set a new standard for customer safety with more rigorous accountability. If there are any obstacles in his way, Jeff has the authority to clear them. If he needs any additional resources, he will get them.”

In addition to naming Jeffrey Boyer GM’s new safety chief, Barra apologized for the deaths related to the recall, saying “I am very sorry for the loss of life that occurred, and we will take every step to make sure this never happens again.”

According to Washington Post, she also stated that no one has been fired or faced discipline as a result of the recall. She did, however, indicate that she will likely testify before congressional committees currently tasked with investigating General Motors’ mishandling of the recall.

For more information as this fire continues to rage, stay tuned to The News Wheel.