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Jeffrey Massimilla Named GM Vice President of Global Vehicle Safety and Cybersecurity

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Jeffrey Massimilla and Jeffrey Boyer

Jeffrey Massimilla (left) and Jeffrey Boyer (right)

General Motors on Friday announced that Jeffrey Massimilla will assume the role of Vice President, Global Vehicle Safety and Cybersecurity, effective following the retirement of current Vice President of Global Vehicle Safety Jeffrey Boyer on September 1st.

Massimilla is the current head officer of GM’s cybersecurity department, a position that he will maintain as he incorporates Boyer’s responsibilities into his own. In addition to overseeing risk assessment and strategy with regards to cybersecurity for GM vehicles and connected vehicle services, Massimilla becomes responsible for the development of GM vehicle safety systems and post-sale safety up to and including vehicle recalls.

“In today’s connected world, combatting cybersecurity threats have become an integral part of our continued company commitment to quickly identifying and resolving product safety issues of all kinds, so it’s a natural extension for us to combine these two roles into one,” said Mary Barra, GM’s chairman and CEO. “Jeff is a strong leader with a solid track record of leveraging best practices and key learnings to further enhance the safety and security of GM’s vehicles and connected services.”

Massimilla has been with GM since 2001. In addition to his new responsibilities, he will also remain on at the Auto Information Sharing and Analysis Center as Vice Chair.

Boyer became the first Global Vehicle Safety VP in 2014 and has overseen the launch and execution of the Speak Up For Safety program.

“GM is proud to embrace a culture where safety and quality are a priority and for these last few years, Jeff Boyer has been proudly leading the charge for us,” Barra added. “We thank him for all of his valuable contributions over many years and wish him the best in his well-deserved retirement.”