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Joe Hinrichs Named a 2019 Automotive News All Star

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Joe Hinrichs | 2019 Automotive News All Star
Ford President of Automotive Joe Hinrichs was named a 2019 Automotive News All Star this month
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company President of Automotive Joe Hinrichs was named a 2019 Automotive News All Star earlier this month, earning recognition for, among other things, his role in Ford’s ongoing global lineup revamp. As the president of Automotive, a role to which he was appointed in May of this year, Hinrichs is overseeing Ford and Lincoln operations in North America, South America, Europe, China, and the International Markets Group.

In addition to the goal of a global EBIT margin of 8 percent, Hinrichs presides over everything from purchasing and manufacturing and labor affairs to marketing and sales and service. One of his most important tasks is overseeing new product launches, which he will continue to do in 2020 with the launch of the Mustang Mach-E, the return of the Bronco, and the reveal of the next-generation F-150.

Says Automotive News:

If it’s vital to Ford’s core business, Hinrichs has a hand in it. He oversees product development, purchasing, enterprise product line management, manufacturing and labor affairs, marketing, sales and service, quality and new model launches, sustainability, environmental and safety engineering, information technology, customer experience and government affairs.

This year, Hinrichs oversaw the complete dismantling and rebuilding of Ford’s massive Chicago Assembly Plant to produce the next-generation Explorer and Aviator crossovers, a process CEO Jim Hackett described as the company’s “toughest” changeover.

Hey, now. Joe Hinrichs. You’re an all-star. A 2019 Automotive News All Star, to be exact.

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Speaking of which, there’s a song that’s appropriate for such an occasion. And it goes a little something like this …

Somebody once told me

Joe Hinrichs is a homie

He’s president of Automotive

For Ford Motor Company

Oversees it globally

8 percent EBIT’s his votive


He was recently an honoree at

An Automotive News 2019 chat

Recognized as an Operations Executive

This was his second win, but it isn’t consecutive

Got a trophy

Smiled with glee

So what’s wrong with bragging about it?

Automotive News says he’s great

Praised him for having a full plate

Hey now, he’s an All Star

Automotive News says

Hey now, he’s a rock star

Automotive, he’s the prez

He’s 52 years old

May 1st of this year’s when he took this ro-o-ole

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