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Join Shell Rewards and Enter the 2016 BMW 320i 3 Series Sweepstakes!

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Join Shell Rewards and Enter the 2016 BMW 320i 3 Series Sweepstakes

As the exclusive oil supplier of BMW Motors, Shell is in a lucky position, thanks in part to the company’s PurePlus Technology, a gas-to-liquid process which converts natural gas into engine oil.

To celebrate the release of V-Power® NiTRO+ premium gasoline, Shell is taking advantage of that partnership by giving away 100 BMWs in 100 days in the Shell Swipe & Win Sweepstakes. You’d better enter the contest because if you’re the grand prize winner, you’ll have a new 2016 BMW 320i 3 Series sedan on your hands!

You’ll find the entry instructions below.

Enter Shell’s Sweepstakes for a Chance at a 2016 BMW 320i 3 Series Sedan

The First Step: You have to be a member of Shell’s Fuel Rewards program, which is free to join. Sign up and provide your name, email address, mobile phone number, zip code, and password.

The Second Step: When prompted, fill out the entry form, print it, and mail it to (this will get you 10 entries into a daily and grand prize drawing):
Shell Ultimate Upgrade Giveaway Entry
555 N. Woodlawn Street, Suite 300
Wichita, KS 67208-3683

The Third Step: If you’re already a rewards member, you can also enter twice a day by swiping your Fuel Rewards® card at gas fill-ups of 8 gallons or more (and you’ll receive 10 entries for pumping Shell V-Power NiTRO+ Premium).

The grand prize is a 2016 BMW 320i 3 Series sedan, a $5,000 check, and gasoline for a year ($1,772 Shell Gift Card)–retail value $48,772. In addition, 99 daily winners will receive a 2016 BMW 320i 3 Series Sedan and $5,000 check. You’re limited to two Rewards account number uses/20 entries per day. Call Shell U.S. Media Relations at 713-241-4544 with any questions.

The contest ends on September 8th, so get pumping!