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Karate Kid Chops Car Prices for the LaRusso Auto Group [TRAILER]

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Cobra Kai trailer reveals Daniel as a car dealership owner

The Karate Kid Cobra Kai LaRusso Auto Group Car commercial trailer bonsai daniel YouTube (1)

Chop those prices, Daniel-san!
Photo: YouTube Red

It’s unlikely that after you watched The Karate Kid in 1984, you’d predict that—of all the things he would be doing 30 later—Daniel LaRusso would wind up as a sleazy car salesman. But, it’s true.

Now that YouTube Red has revealed the plot behind its upcoming reboot series Cobra Kai, fans finally learn—in mixed horror and glee—that the determined underdog has apparently let his fame go to his head and profited off his champion status.

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Daniel LaRusso Advertises His Car Dealership [VIDEO]

As part of the advertising campaign for the show, a 30-second faux car commercial has been circulating revealing the beloved “karate kid” as the owner of the LaRusso Auto Group. Surrounded by Porsche, Jeep, Ferrari, and Genesis models, Daniel (Ralph Macchio) embodies the characteristics you’d expect from a car salesman—right down to the flashy smile.

The Karate Kid Cobra Kai LaRusso Auto Group Car commercial trailer bonzai daniel screenshot 818-72-AUTO1 textAs the owner of four luxury vehicle dealerships in the Los Angeles Area (Woodland Hill, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, and Tarzana), LaRusso advertises his image by utilizing his iconic karate chop to “chop” vehicle prices. He also includes a free bonsai tree with every vehicle purchase, and it wouldn’t be surprising if his service departments “waxed on” all the cars.

The description on the video even encourages viewers to text “DEALS” to 1-818-72-AUTO1. If you do, you get this message stating “We are the car-ate experts!” linking to the full trailer.

The Karate Kid Cobra Kai LaRusso Auto Group Car commercial trailer bonsai daniel YouTube (2)

It’s all about the bonsai
Photo: YouTube Red

It’s a solid parody of a car dealership commercial.

If you’ve seen the actual full trailer for the 2018 YouTube Red original series Cobra Kai, you’ll understand how big a role this viral marketing clip actually plays within the show’s plot. This unexpected twist to flip the narrative and present Johnny (William Zabka) as the sympathetic protagonist and Danny as the sell-out promises to be a creative revival to the franchise.

The first season will debut May 2nd on YouTube Red.

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