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Kayaker and Paddleboarder Rescue Woman From Submerged Car

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Photo: Thruxton

On October 24th, a kayaker noticed that a woman was stuck in a submerged car. He and a paddleboarder then rescued the woman, who had had been trapped there since the previous day.

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The heroic act

On Thursday morning, Rob Goodman went to Higel Marine Park for kayaking. At the park in Venice, Florida, he met Ed Coster, who was there to go paddleboarding. Goodman then placed his kayak in the water and began paddling when he noticed a white car in the water.

He paddled to a dock to get a closer look at the vehicle and was able to see that one of the car’s windows was slightly cracked. He spotted a hand reaching out from the crack, and Goodman proceeded to call 911.

According to police, “The car was almost completely submerged and no way anyone would have seen it from the road.”

As Goodman talked on the phone, Coster went into the water and attempted to open the door. Goodman then joined Coster, and they managed to get an 81-year-old woman out of the car. The two men got her to safety, and Goodman held her to try to warm her up.

When first responders arrived, the woman said she’d been stuck inside the vehicle since approximately 10 p.m. on October 23rd. Luckily, the woman is now in stable condition. Once first responders began taking care of the woman, Goodman went back into the water to continue kayaking. He later saw Coster on the water as well.

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It’s amazing that Goodman was able to spot the submerged car from his kayak and that he and Coster took heroic actions to help the woman.

News Source: CNN