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Kelley Blue Book Reviews Test Track at Walt Disney World

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KBB recently shared its thoughts regarding one of the most popular attractions at Epcot

What do you think the Kelley Blue Book value of Test Track is?

Kelley Blue Book is an organization renowned for its automotive expertise and numerous vehicle reviews. However, KBB recently decided to evaluate a different kind of automotive-themed ride.

Indeed, Kelley Blue Book recently posted a “review” for Epcot’s Test Track attraction on its website.

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Test Track is an E-ticket attraction at Walt Disney World’s Epcot theme park. The motor vehicle-themed ride is appropriately sponsored by Chevrolet

The staff at Kelley Blue Book recently got the chance to ride Test Track during a special event Chevy hosted in honor of the refreshed Chevrolet Traverse. As such, KBB decided to construct a mock appraisal of the ride itself.

Test Track at Epcot

You won’t find any of Chevy’s most opulent amenities in this ride vehicle

One aspect of Test Track that really impressed the KBB writers was its speed. Test Track is the fastest thrill ride at the Walt Disney World resort, clocking in at 65 mph (or 64.9 mph, to be more accurate). By comparison, Space Mountain only hits a top speed of 28 mph.

While the experience was thrilling enough, KBB found the ride vehicle to be lacking in the interior amenities that it’s used to seeing in the vehicles it reviews. While the Test Track cars lack cupholders, heated seats, and a steering wheel, they do come equipped with a complete set of seatbelts.

As for pricing, a ticket to Epcot costs anywhere between $102 and $122, depending on the time of year you visit. Yet, KBB says it sees the value of paying that much for a Walt Disney World vacation.

Create the car of the future at Test Track

Test Track first opened in 1999, serving as the replacement for Epcot’s World of Motion attraction. The ride received an extensive refurbishment in 2012, which altered the experience quite a bit.

In the new version of Test Track, affectionately called Test Track 2.0 by Disney World aficionados, guests design their own Chevrolet vehicle prior to boarding the ride. Each custom vehicle is judged according to four categories: capability, responsiveness, efficiency, and power.

Mickey’s main squeeze serves as the inspiration for Disney World’s newest mode of transportation

For a vehicle that KBB would be more familiar with, members of the automotive organization also got a ride around in the fleet of “Minnie Vans” used to transport guests around the Walt Disney World resort area. These Minnie Mouse-themed Chevy Traverse models are a recent addition in Disney World’s ever-expanding lineup of transportation options.

While the Test Track vehicles may not have all of the bells and whistles that KBB is used to, the thrills that they provide are a feature the organization couldn’t help but love.

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Source: Kelley Blue Book