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Kevin Harvick’s Millennial Mustang Sure Was Something, Wasn’t It?

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Kevin Harvick's Millennial Mustang
The absolute monstrosity that is Kevin Harvick’s millennial Mustang
Photo: Ford Motor Company

If you were watching the Monster Energy NASCAR All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway this past weekend, you may have at some point in the evening fallen under the distinct impression that your brain had betrayed you. It couldn’t be possible, you may have thought, that Kevin Harvick was driving around in a Ford Mustang dotted with emojis, could it? One aimed at jabbing millennials ever-so-lovingly by, say, plastering the phrase IS BAE with a heart-eyes emoji next to Harvick’s No. 4 and beneath the Busch Beer logo on the driver’s side door?

Oh, but he was. Was he ever doing just that.

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But there’s at least a reason behind it: Harvick lost a bet with sponsor Busch Beer last year which held that if he didn’t secure the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series championship, he would have to drive a millennial Mustang adored with millennialisms like YEET and emojis of an avocado and toast side by side. Because, you see, millennials are all insufferable meme-machines constantly spouting catchphrases and not, you know, mostly people in their 30s trying their best to survive under capitalism.

Kevin Harvick's Millennial Mustang
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Pink millennial Mustang or no (get it? It’s pink! Because pink is a feminine color and racing is a man’s sport for men who like manly colors that aren’t pink), Harvick finished in second place. Not bad, but not completely lit, fam. If only he had been able to yeet the frontrunner out of his way and guide his DUMMY THICC Mustang to victory. Maybe next time.

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