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Kia’s Newest Hamster Commercial Tops WardsAuto’s Weekly Auto Ad Rankings

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Kia Soul Jam 2016 Kia Soul Commercial

The Kia Soul Jam commercial, featuring Kia’s iconic hamsters, topped WardsAuto’s Most Engaging Auto Ad list

When Kia’s first hamster commercials appeared, it beckoned the beginning of the brand’s rise in recognition throughout the American market. Because of the quirkiness of these animated hamsters—and their musical abilities—they became the face of the South Korean carmaker. These hamsters are continuing to show how great they are for marketing in the newest commercial for the 2016 Kia Soul.

And now, the commercial, which we reported on earlier this year, was recently named the Most Engaging Auto Ad by the WardsAuto. This commercial reminds viewers how important music is to every culture around the world, incorporating the music-playing hamsters with Nathaniel Rateliff, the frontman of Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats.

The Kia commercial has been in WardsAuto’s weekly top-five Most Engaging Auto Ads list for weeks, battling it out for the top spot with Mazda’s commercial for the 2016 Mazda CX-9. The Soul’s spot easily won the top spot this week, though, with 14.81% digital share of voice. It had a total of 409,000 online views this week compared to the Mazda commercial’s 368,000 views. Following Kia’s top spot, Mazda took both the second and fourth spot, while Ford came in third. MINI rounded out the top five with an ad featuring Serena Williams, Harvey Keitel, Abby Wambach, Tony Hawk, and Michael Whinnett.

To determine its weekly top five, WardsAuto uses, which tracks TV ads in real-time and allows customers to search activity, social actions, and online views for various TV spots.

VIDEO: Watch Kia’s Award-Winning Commercial

News Source: WardsAuto