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Kick the Tires Before You Commit to a Driving School

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Learning to drive is not an easy feat; just because a person has been a passenger for “x” amount of years, doesn’t mean he or she knows how to drive (no matter what your teenager says). For non-licensed drivers who are beyond the anxiety-riddled teenage years and full into adulthood, learning to take the wheel still delivers a significant challenge and a huge responsibility.

Often, the success of learning to drive starts with the competency of the driving instructor, school, or program. Just circling the parking lot with your dad or friend yelling at you from the passenger seat does not warrant an official driver’s education program or set you up for being a good and safe driver.

But by doing a little research and asking some key questions, you will find the driver’s ed program that transforms you into the driver you always dreamed you’d be.

Make sure the school or program is accredited, advise the experts at, which means it completely meets the standards of your state as well as fulfills the requirements of your car insurance company.

Have your budget and schedule in mind while researching programs and seek out personal recommendations and online reviews, advises writer Nadia Ibanez.

It’s important to visit the driving school before you enroll, according to the experts at, who also recommend selecting a program that offers a curriculum that incorporates the full gamut of driving know-how including car mechanics, the basics of driving, what to do in an emergency, insurance issues, driving under the influence, and more.

Find out what the student-teacher ratio is, how the education is broken up between the classroom and on-the-road training, and whether driving simulators will be part of the course. By asking questions (as many as you need to!) and doing solid research on a driver’s education program, you will start your career as a driver on the right foot, or in this case, pedal.

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