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Kyle Busch Looks for Sponsors for His Son Brexton

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brexton busch nationwide commercial

Yeah, we wouldn’t be thrilled about this either

Now that the Sprint Cup Series is over, NASCAR driver Kyle Busch is looking for something to fill his time. And as most proud parents, he also wants to show off his super cute baby son, Brexton. So it’s only natural that Kyle Busch would make a video featuring his son as mascots in various advertising campaigns. Start ’em young, amirite?!

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The video, which is a promo for Fox Sports Live, features proud daddy Kyle announcing that he is looking for sponsors for his 6-month-old son, Brexton. According to Kyle, Brexton is the perfect baby to star in well-known commercial campaigns for E*TRADE, Nationwide, Old Spice, and M&Ms. Although Brexton is just half a year old, he already has his own Twitter account with 6,007 followers as of December 2, 2015. Apparently, Brexton is a hit with the ladies—a fact that is obvious once you see his Twitter profile picture, which features him wearing a pair of sweet mirrored shades.

Kyle Busch is obviously very proud of his infant son (and Brexton is certainly a cutie)—probably as proud as Braxton is of his daddy for winning the Sprint Cup Series. (If, you know, he wasn’t a 6-month-old baby and was capable of feelings other than “feed me now” and “I just pooped.”)

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