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Is That Laurel Coppock Singing in the New Toyota Jan Commercial?

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Toyota Jan gets musical in the newest commercial

Toyota Jan singing duet commercial laurel coppock
Is that Laurel Coppock’s voice crooning this country melody?

Jan has been a regular character in Toyota commercials for several years now, making actress Laurel Coppock a household name in the U.S. (even if most people know her as Jan rather than Laurel). Now, a new Toyota commercial has fans wondering whether Laurel’s many talents extend to singing. Check out the commercial, “Duet.”

Laurel Coppock’s singing history

Laurel is a very private person and it’s hard to find much information about her online. But we dug through the Google search results page and found some evidence to support the idea that Laurel can sing. Back in her college days, Laurel was a member of the Colbyettes, an a capella group at Colby College in Maine.

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Singing and comedy

As a member of The Groundlings, Laurel once appeared in a sketch comedy segment where she played an a Capella singer alongside Charlotte Newhouse and Ryan Gaul. As a group, they performed a rendition of “Africa” by Toto comprised of only the background and percussion parts due to six members of their group, “Throat Culture,” being missing.

The following video from 2012 was published by Titled Sketch Project and features Laurel Coppock singing about how people need to stop dancing. Check it out.

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Singing as Jan

As Jan, Laurel starred in a holiday commercial called “Jancapella” in which she performed the vocals. The commercial gained notoriety of sorts on Reddit for a frame where Laurel’s bangs placement makes it look like her eyebrow is hanging off her face.

So yeah, that is Laurel Coppock singing in the new Toyota commercial, and she is pretty darn good. Hopefully Toyota will continue to use her singing talents in future Jan commercials.

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