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Learn How to Care for Your Car With Patrice Banks and Lean Cuisine

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Patrice Banks Lean CuisinePatrice Banks has been doing some good work in the car world by teaching women about their vehicles, publishing a glove box guide, and opening a repair shop with female mechanics to dispel the stereotypes surrounding who can work on cars. Her home turf of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, certainly knows about her passion, as do many in the car world, but Banks and the Girls Auto Clinic aren’t quite household names yet. However, a new series of commercials and informational videos from Banks and Lean Cuisine might change all that.

While anyone can eat a Lean Cuisine frozen meal, its marketing has always skewed towards women, so a partnership with Banks seems pretty natural. Commercials starring Patrice and her team of mechanics eating Lean Cuisine’s new meals made with organic ingredients are airing nationwide, showing the Girls Auto Clinic off to a whole new audience.

Check out the complete playlist of Lean Cuisine videos below:

Beyond the standard commercial, Lean Cuisine posted online additional videos about not just what Banks feels about food, but also her demonstrating quick tips everyone should know about their car. Banks instructs viewers how to check tire tread and what to know about tire wear, along with what brake fluid should look like and how to check if a car has enough. There is also a video that explains the path Banks took from engineer to mechanic and another on what made her decide to wear boots with high heels to work in the shop.

Hopefully, these videos will help more of America realize not only who Patrice Banks is, but that it shouldn’t be unusual to see a woman working on the engine bay of a car. We can’t wait to see if Lean Cuisine releases more commercials in the weeks to come.