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Leather or Cloth Seats – Which is Better for Your Behind?

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leather or cloth seats

It is one of history’s greatest debates, up there with paper or plastic, nature or nurture, and Batman or Superman: is leather interior or cloth interior better for your ride?  The fact of the matter is that, like most other ages-long debates, there is no one true answer.

The benefits of leather seating are, by and large, mostly aesthetic.  Cars with leather interior tend to look nicer and more luxurious, and as such, they tend to have better resale values provided that the upholstery remains in fit condition.  A less-absorptive quality makes leather easier to clean than cloth when those inevitable messes do occur.  And we can’t say enough about that new leather smell and the distinctive sound of crinkling.  Just ask this man about all of that good, leathery music.

On the other hand, leather seating is only good when it’s not being gouged, ripped, and cracked.  And while leather seats do take well to artificial heating in the winter, they take in the sun’s natural heat a little too well in the summer, creating a literal hot seat and leading to the dreaded “butt sticking to the seat” syndrome.  Additionally, those protective of leather seating are more readily willing to chastise passengers and take extreme measures to protect their babies.  Ask your grandma about that leather couch she keeps under a vinyl sheet.

Cloth seats are cheaper and, with more and more craftsmanship being applied to vehicle interiors, often no less fancy-looking.  Cloth seating generally maintains its natural temperature, which leads to cooler booties prevailing in the hot summer months.

Because of their porous composition, cloth seats also tend to stain easier and are more susceptible to accumulating musky odors.  Cloth seats are generally nowhere near as cushy as leather seats, nor do they emit that pleasing sound when you sit in them.

In the end, the debate of leather versus cloth just comes down to choice.  Each option offers enough pros and cons that you need simply make the choice that is more fitting to your needs and tastes when looking into a new car.  Like nature versus nurture, this debate is likely without one true answer.

Not like Batman or Superman, though.  That’s one is easy if only because duh, Batman.

Which do you prefer; leather or cloth seats?