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Leave a Note, Skip the Ticket?

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2016 Ford Police Interceptor

Every time those red and blue lights flash in your rear view mirror, you probably think, “How am I going to get out of this one?” When you’re talking to the officer, you have a chance to advocate for yourself by explaining what happened, why it was wrong, or by justifying your actions. Maybe you’ll get out of the ticket! (Maybe…)

Parking tickets are another beast. What happens when you’re not there to advocate for yourself? You come back from work after throwing your car in the spot by the fire hydrant (even though you knew you weren’t supposed to) because you were late for a meeting with your boss. How do you explain yourself then? Well, apparently, you can.

Early Monday morning, the Wausau Police Department in Wisconsin posted this photo to its Facebook page:

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A Wisconsin driver left a note on their windshield that reads, “Please take pity on me. I walked home…. safe choices. =)”

This Wisconsin driver took it upon themselves to make the safe choice: walking home instead of driving intoxicated. The driver left their car in a metered lot overnight; although this was not legal, the officer recognized and rewarded the driver’s responsible decision to walk and simply gave them a warning ticket that said, “Pity granted. Just a warning.” It looks like making the right choice can pay off after all.

Not a bad way to start your Monday, even if you did get that warning ticket.

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