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Lexus and Funny or Die! Remind You: EVs Suck at Road Trips

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Lexus and Funny or Die!

The 2015 Lexus CT200h: ideal for doing bro stuff in Vegas, bro

So here’s a news flash: the folks at Lexus really, really do not like EVs. Not only has Lexus said on multiple occasions that it will never stoop so low as to make an electric vehicle, but the company has also put together print ads that represent EVs as time-consuming and nowhere near as fun as its hybrids.

To help make this point perfectly clear, Lexus and Funny or Die! put together an ad that pits the Lexus CT200h against the all-electric BMW i3 as the ideal vehicle for a dad’chelor party. Get it: it’s like a bachelor party, but for expectant fathers. Because the days that come before getting married and having children = “a man’s final days of freedom.”

So: dad’chelor party.

Moving on.

Here’s the video:

Lexus and Funny or Die!

Surprisingly, not a single collar was popped that day.

Given Lexus’ stance here, you can probably guess how the bulk of these five minutes go: the guys driving the CT200h make it to Vegas hours and hours before the guys in the i3 and get to enjoy all kinds of brotacular stuff like golfing with baseball bats and ogling women from across a pool.

Lexus and Funny or Die!


The guys in the i3, on the other hand, have a significantly less enjoyable time. They wind up getting passed by 18 wheelers and are forced to talk to generic hippie conspiracy theory guy. See what you get for wanting to drive an i3? Bad form, bros. Bad form.

Lexus and Funny or Die!

He’s disappointed because he could not bro out with his bro-bros.

Lexus and Funny or Die! get the point across pretty clearly: driving 300 miles in an EV isn’t a good idea when compared to driving 300 miles in a hybrid. Point taken!

Further: come for the video, and stay for the most cordial internet conversation you’ll ever see in a YouTube comment section. You’ll walk away wanting to hug the world for a change.

Lexus and Funny or Die!